• Community collaboration and inclusion

    Helping Women Win Inc. is a 501(c)(3) public charity providing housing assistance and other support to underserved women and girls affected by violence.

  • What We Do

    Helping Women Win exists to improve the response to women and girls experiencing violence whose access to traditional assistance is affected by perceived or actual age, race, ethnicity, immigration status, gender identity, sexual orientation, veteran status, or ability through advocacy, counseling, education, shelter, and support.


    Helping Women Win promotes a coordinated community response to violence for all survivors now matter how they identify. We develop community partnerships to sustain legal referrals and aid, as well as, temporary, transitional, and permanent housing assistance for survivors of dating, domestic, and sexual violence (DDSV), stalking, human trafficking, and other gender-based violence. Headquartered in Lawton, Oklahoma, we connect survivors in need to an affirming network of care within Comanche County and beyond.


    We can assist in initiating individual, couples, group, family, or peer counseling services as requested to help guide participants in our programs through challenging situations. If you are interested in meeting with other survivors, you are welcome to join our group for women survivors of violence in Comanche County. Please stop by our office for more information on the date and location of the group. We welcome everyone affected by violence in our community to join together in taking a step towards well-being. No one is refused.


    We create educational opportunities for underserved youth and adults affected by violence. Helping Women Win wants to ensure that every child has the chance to explore science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), as well as, art in a positive environment with community members dedicated to the personal growth and development of our youth. Additional opportunities for youth and adults to have pro-social involvement and gain awareness are available through workshops, lectures, conferences, and other multi-cultural events throughout the year.


    Helping Women Win Inc. is a survivor-led organization creating culturally-competent programs and services for underserved survivors of violence. We understand the lasting effects of violence on an individual’s life and are available to help survivors reclaim their lives beyond helpline safety planning. Helping Women Win is creating a safe space to build community and distribute resources while collaborating with community organizations to ensure access and equity for all. We also provide free presentations to businesses, schools, community organizations, and other groups on issues affecting underserved and at-risk women and girls of Comanche County.

  • Helping Women Win values diversity, collaboration, inclusion, and trust.

    Our work amplifies voices of individuals in the community that are traditionally unheard and unrepresented. We offer a safe, welcoming environment that allows women and girls to create and engage in our communities. We invest in and support women leaders as community assets. We believe in their power to collaborate and innovate. Helping Women Win is committed to ensuring accountability, transparency, and sustainability. Our actions reflect our commitment to utilizing and reserving community resources while combating poverty, community deterioration and juvenile delinquency.

  • Our Programs

    Under the Rainbow

    Housing Assistance

    Helping Women Win envisions a safe, inclusive community free from discrimination, harassment, and violence. Under the Rainbow housing assistance program is improving prevention and intervention efforts to end dating, domestic, and sexual violence, stalking, and human trafficking by providing housing and support to all survivors of violence including lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT+) survivors. We provide a space for all women and girls to feel emotionally and physically safe, acquire knowledge and information, as well as engage in meaningful activities to help recover their lives.

    Happy Roots Youth Coalition

    Youth Intervention & Prevention

    Helping Women Win is connecting youth in need to affirming support within the community by developing a community response to youth involved or at risk of being involved in the justice system. Happy Roots is a youth intervention and prevention program promoting positive interaction and increasing inclusion in improving outcomes for culturally diverse K-12th grade youth. Happy Roots provides science, technology, engineering, arts, and math opportunities, afterschool programs and mentoring within the community. Happy Roots Coalition also allows youth to take part in impacting their community through the Happy Roots Youth Council and Service Project.

    Seeds of Wisdom

    Senior Services

    Helping Women Win is building connections within the community by facilitating opportunities to strengthen life skills, increasing pro-social involvement for seniors and youth, and improving community spaces. Seeds of Wisdom was created to beautify neighborhoods, as well as, teach skills necessary for participants to build their own food security while providing low-income participants with access to land, materials, and training in growing, preparing, and preserving food. Long-term goals involve converting unused public land into sustainably managed food production gardens serving all residents with a focus on at-risk and low-income households.

    Oklahoma Girls Code

    Girls In STEM

    Oklahoma Girls Code is a collaborative effort of local nonprofit, Helping Women Win Inc., and national organization, Girls Who Code. Together we are committed to closing the gender gap in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) fields. Oklahoma Girls Code is a FREE after-school program for 6th-12th grade girls in Comanche County. With this program, girls will be able to join a sisterhood of supportive peers and role models while learning to use computer science to impact their community.

    Oklahoma Boys Into Men

    Boys Leadership Project

    OK Boys Into Men is a character building project assisting in reducing the effects of violence in the lives of our youth by introducing positive male role models as mentors to at-risk youth. The program is designed for youth ages 10-17 to have a safe environment to discuss at-risk behaviors such, as bullying, online harassment, drinking, doing drugs, as well as, forms of dating violence and methods of prevention.

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